Vitamin C

For a strong brain and a healthy life


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is essential to good health in a variety of areas. To name a few, vitamin C works with iron in the build up of protein, helps maintain your immune system, and increases the body’s absorption of iron. In addition, it works with iron to produce collagen, which protects your skin, teeth, gums, cartilage and bones.

The vitamin is distributed throughout most of the body, but in greater amounts to the adrenal glands and brain. Therefore, in the case of a deficiency, the brain will quickly withdraw vitamin C from the blood, which at the same time causes a lack of the vitamin throughout the rest of the body. The brain does this to secure itself against damage to its cells, which can, in severe cases, develop scurvy.

The vitamin is water soluble and can easily be degraded, by boiling, and by being exposed to too much light, or to high temperatures. Therefore, prioritise 'raw' food in your diet, for example, salads and fresh fruit. Smoking can also affect the vitamin negatively, as the body's store of vitamins is used to detoxify the smoke.

It is hard to overdose, because vitamin C is water soluble, and is excreted via the urine. If you get too much vitamin C, you will experience a bloated stomach and diarrhea. This is why you must adhere to the recommended amount of supplements.

In severe cases, you can experience a sailor's worst fear: scurvy. This disease occurs when the body does not form enough collagen, which then inhibits cartilage and bone health. Serious deficiencies are rare in Northern Europe, and can be detected by having a blood test taken. In addition, lack of vitamin C (especially during the fetal stage) can lead to a loss of ability to think cognitively.

Get enough Vitamin C through your diet:

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially the colourful ones:

  • Seaberry (at the top with a content of 695 mg per 100 g)
  • Oranges and rosehip
  • Red peppers
  • Blackcurrant
  • Cauliflower and broccoli

Recommended daily dosage:

Adults: 75 mg (a little more for pregnant women)

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