Vitamin B9

The pregnant women’s vitamin


Vitamin B9 comes in two versions: the natural form, called folate, and the synthetic form, called folic acid. Vitamin B9 is particularly important for pregnant women, as it, among other things, contributes to the normalisation of psychological functions, as well as cell division and amino acid synthesis, and it reduces tiredness and fatigue. A rule of thumb for pregnant women is to begin with a vitamin B9 supplement when contraception is stopped, and to keep doing so up to week 12 of the pregnancy. This protects the fetus against malformations, disabilities and miscarriage.

In addition, the vitamin contributes to normalisation of: the immune system, blood formation, mental function, tissue growth in pregnant women, and much more. There have also been studies indicating that vitamin B9 can play a role in helping against a variety of cancers.

Antibiotics, sugar, coffee and alcohol can, like with some other B-vitamins, break down the vitamin. Vitamin B9 can also be destroyed by boiling.

It is difficult to overdose with folic acid if you get it through your diet or through the recommended amount of dietary supplements. However, be aware that B9 can nourish cancer cells that have already begun to form tumors. Vitamin B9 can thus protect against, as well as aid the formation of, cancer, depending on the amount of supplement.

Therefore, in case of a severe deficiency, you may experience:

  • Blood-loss
  • Miscarriage
  • Skin rashes and hair-loss
  • Tiredness and depression

Get enough vitamin B9 through your diet:

You find folic acid the same sources from which you get B vitamins:

  • Beans and green vegetables
  • Nuts, seeds and grains

Recommended daily dosage:

Women: 300 µg / 400 µg if pregnant
Men: 300 µg

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