One of the most important minerals in your body is magnesium - are you getting enough?


Mineral magnesium is the fourth most common substance in your body, and it affects more than 300 chemical reactions. It helps everything, from cells to muscles, nerves, bones and blood pressure, to function optimally. Nevertheless, many people have a magnesium deficiency.

There is a risk of an increased magnesium deficiency when suffering from diseases like diarrhea, and during treatment with diuretic drugs. Therefore, you should be aware of this if you are, for example, on a diet or detox. An overdose is rare, but will show through diarrhea, weakness of the muscles and a drop in blood pressure.

There are various symptoms of a magnesium deficiency: muscle cramps, joint pain, asthma, problems with tactile senses, migraines, constipation, heart problems, depression, sleep problems, decreased appetite, high blood pressure, and increased or chronic fatigue.

Get your magnesium needs covered:

Your needs can easily be covered through a varied diet. The rule of thumb is: rich in fibers, rich in magnesium. For example:

  • Dark vegetables (squash, spinach and kale)
  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Grains
  • Tofu
  • Dark cocoa/chocolates

Recommended daily dosage:

Women: 280 mg.
Men: 350 mg.

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