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Test your health

The first step is to take our test, so that we can determine which vitamins and minerals your body needs. The test is free, and answering the questions only takes 2 minutes. We just need you to tell us a little about yourself, your diet and how much you exercise, so we can put together the right doses for you. Our test was developed by dieticians, pharmacists and doctors, who created an algorithm that can calculate which vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis. The science behind it is complex, but we have made it simple and straightforward for you.


Get our recommendation

Your test results make it possible for us to select the right vitamins and minerals, in the right doses. Based on your answers, you will receive a clear recommendation of the supplements best suited to strengthening your body. You can opt out of vitamins or minerals, if you choose to alter your recommendation.


TakeDaily keeps you up to date

You will receive your TakeDaily box, which contains 28 portions - one for each day. We make sure your next delivery arrives before you finish your first box. This box may not necessarily contain the same vitamins. For example, you may need extra vitamins and minerals during the dark winter months, as well as when our bodies age. If you start exercising more, if you should become pregnant, or if you begin eating more vegetables, please log in to My TakeDaily and edit your profile accordingly - and the composition of vitamins and minerals will change with your next delivery.

Take our vitamin test It only takes 2 minutes