About TakeDaily

We are a dedicated group of people with one clear vision: we want to make it easy for you to find the vitamins and minerals you need. In the right amounts. To that end, we have, together, developed an algorithm based on new health insights. Knowledge about diet, body and lifestyle has been translated into mathematics that can calculate the amounts of vitamins and minerals that you need in your daily life.

Who are we?




From the beginning

The idea for TakeDaily started when our creator, Marc Lucas, stood in a store, in front of a shelf overflowing with dietary supplements. His plan was to find one product that could give him all the vitamins and minerals his body was lacking. Lately, Marc had been feeling more tired than usual, and easily exhausted. He asked for advice from the shop assistant, but could not get a clear answer. He tried another store, but soon realized that his plan was impossible. In every store, every shelf was filled with bottles of pills, promising one thing or the other, but Marc never found exactly what he was looking for. He walked home, empty-handed, while he contemplated on what could be done to simplify this choice for everyone. TakeDaily really began to take shape when Marc sat down with a group of experienced dieticians, doctors, and pharmacists. And, 1½ years later, TakeDaily was born.

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