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No two people are alike! Our nutritional needs vary at different stages of our lives. We will make sure your personal vitamins compliment your current diet and lifestyle.

Your vitamin package is flexible and it can be updated whenever something has changed in your lifestyle or vitamin needs. You can always consult one of our experts for free advice.

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Vitamin test

Discover vitamins that fit your lifestyle

Receive an accurate picture of your body’s vitamin needs using our quick vitamin test.

Based on the result we’ll advise you how you can make dietary and lifestyle adjustments, as well as offer you a personalised vitamin package to get the most out of life.

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What our customers say

“It’s so easy to manage and use TakeDaily. I’m always certain that they will send me the vitamins and minerals that I need. Everything is boxed in an easy-to-use package, and I can even cut out what I don’t need when going travelling.”

Helle R.

"For someone like me, who cannot stand having to search through a wall of pills in the local drugstore, this concept is perfect. A quick test on the website solved the problem for me. The vitamins I needed were selected for me, and now they arrive by mail every month. It couldn’t be easier!"

Palle L.

"It was very easy to choose and customise my vitamins on the website, and the delivery was fast! I'm really impressed. And it's really easy to take a break when you need to, then later re-activate your membership, and TakeDaily remembers all your choices.”

Isabella T.

How it works

Take our vitamin test

Our skilled dieticians are the brains behind our vitamin test. It only takes 2 minutes to complete, and the results make it possible for us to tailor your TakeDaily package.

We personalise your TakeDaily

We select the vitamins and minerals that your body needs - in the right amounts. If you have any questions, our nutrition experts are here to help you.

You receive your box

Your first TakeDaily box will be delivered to your postal address, and contains the vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 that you need for 28 days. We deliver your new TakeDaily box every 4 weeks.

Take control

Set reminders and learn how your vitamins boost your health. We'll help you build a routine and keep it up.

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